Residents are limited to a total of three (3) Spay & Neuter Certificates or Coupons per species (dog, cat, or rabbit).
The City of Los Angeles, Department of Animal Services manages two (2) Spay & Neuter Programs to assist City of Los Angeles residents with sterilization costs for their companion dogs, cats, and rabbits.

The Discount Spay & Neuter Coupon Program is available to all City of Los Angeles residents while the Free Spay & Neuter Certificate Program is available to qualifying City of Los Angeles residents whose annual combined household income is below HUD's Household Low Income limits. Applicants for both programs must be 18 years of age or older.

Discount Spay & Neuter Coupons and Free Spay & Neuter Certificates are only available for companion animals owned by City of Los Angeles residents. All feral and stray animals, including those associated with Rescue Groups are excluded from these Programs.

If you are requesting a coupon(s) or certificate(s) for your companion dog(s), please be aware that all dogs over four months of age and kept within the City of Los Angeles must be licensed (LAMC 53.28) and must be spayed or neutered (LAMC 53.15.2(b)). A dog license is valid only when the required rabies vaccination certificate, issued by a licensed veterinarian, is provided to the Department and only as long as the rabies vaccination is effective. (LAMC 53.51)

Applicants should be aware that all Information submitted as part of the Spay & Neuter Voucher Application process will be used to verify and enforce the City of Los Angeles' licensing regulations.

If your companion dog is not licensed, please visit our online application website at and license your companion dog today.

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